Tagamuta Valley is looking for

Backend Developer

• Participate actively in the entire application lifecycle:
coding and debugging
• Work on server-side development and focus on databases, scripting, and website architecture.
• Develop sustainable functional applications with clean codes. Build reusable code and libraries for future use.
• Compile and analyze data, processes, and codes to troubleshoot problems and identify areas for improvement.
• Collaborate with Front-end developers to integrate user-facing elements with server side logic and to establish objectives and design more functional, cohesive codes to enhance the user experience.
• Provide training and support to internal teams.
• Follow emerging technologies and participate in continuing education and training to remain current on best practices, learn new programming languages, and better assist other team members.
• Build technical documentation for Tagamuta Valley projects.
• Review codes and analyze the source code and functionality of legacy systems and tools.

Technical Requirements:
• 2+ years of experience as a Software Engineer/developer, including experience designing and building complex web and/or cross-platform mobile application architectures with reliability, high availability, performance, and scalability
• Strong focus on web development using popular programming languages Django for python or
Spring Framework Struts,Hibernate for Java or
Laravel for PHP
• Experience in creating and using REST API / API Platform.
• Familiar with git.
• Experience with microservices architectures.
• Experience with SASS, Foundation / Bootstrap
• Experience with Agile Software Development Techniques and Tools, TDD, and pair programming

• Experience working with standard cloud services provider
• Experience working with international teams/companies.
• Experience in mobile development (iOS and/or Android)
• International certifications
• Respectable code typing speed +++
• Experience in healthtech industry

Soft skills:
• Logical and critical thinking
• Problem solving
• Pro-activity and creativity
• Eager to learn +++++
• Communication skills
• Professional written and verbal fluency in English

We would be honored to get your special touches and to receive all your requests or propositions for this job proposal and of course your specific talented qualifications are welcomed at Tagamuta Valley.

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