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Logistics Coordinator English & French

* Coordinate the flow of inbound and outbound freight while staying abreast of daily priorities and weekly transportation targets.
* Ensure carrier compliance with company policies and procedures
* Analyze lane data, on-time performance and costs to effectively negotiate rates with customers and third-party carriers to ensure profitability and customer satisfaction
* Communicate with brokers, carriers and the customers to resolve any discrepancies
* Direct and organize logistics activities such as obtaining shipment rates, negotiating with logistics service providers, selecting 3PL partners, tracking and expediting shipments, and solving any discrepancy of quality, quantity, and schedule.
* Verify and troubleshoot any issues in shipping or customs documentation including, but not limited to, PODs, BOL and carrier confirmation.
* Proactively communicate service risks to customers to provide proper resolution

* Bachelor’s Degree or College Diploma in Logistics, Supply Chain Management and/or Business is required
* Minimum of 5 years of experience in Supply Chain/Transportation industry is required
* Experience dealing with FTL and LTL shipments
* Familiarity with North American geography
* Proficient in GSuite with the aptitude to learn new software quickly
* Problem solving and decision-making skills with the ability to work in a team environment.

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