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(CMH) Cool Multitasking Human

Searching For:
Someone to be the link between our coaches and our customers, the backbone of our service, ensuring every day the smooth sailing of the process along with the rest of the team.
In practice your tasks will include (but are not limited to) placing and answering phone calls, updating google sheets on a regular basis, meeting with new customers and other members of Home School, some administrative tasks and a keen critical eye on the process and the happiness of our customers, our coaches and your own.
This job is an opportunity for those who are looking for a way to be completely out of routine and outside their comfort zone. Our internal system is evolving everyday, becoming more efficient and easier to handle thanks to ideas from everyone involved and real desire to see the project grow. So expect your tasks to grow and change progressively. You’ll have your own chance to help the company grow, to create a community of english speakers, and learn a few things yourself along the way.
If you’re looking for a stable pen-pushing job, THIS IS NOT IT. You’ll be a busy bee running around and handling multiple tasks at once. You’ll get long breaks sometimes and no breaks at all some other times. The pay won’t be great at first either, but it will be if you prove yourself. We are still quite small, but the truth of the matter is that your performance at your job will be a direct reflection of your value and your efficiency. If you are dedicated to the job, you will definitely get the most of it, so it helps to be in it for the long run as you may eventually become one of the cornerstones of a growing company.
The workplace is quite cozy and fun, tons of new cool people to meet everyday, we have free coffee and office animals (do not apply if you’re afraid of big cuddly dogs, also insert the word « potato » in your application so that we know you read this whole thing). The hours are flexible, and after some time spent in the office, you will also have the opportunity to work around town or even in your own home sometimes. For the beginning we’ll only ask for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. The good part is that if you find ways to save time while still finishing your tasks, you’ll be able to pick your hours as you wish.
One last thing, we care a lot about the people who work with us and their fair compensation as well as their well being. So if you have any doubts about this job, we advise you to come check us out, everyone is welcome at our space and you may even land yourself an interview on the spot if the boss is there. Worst case scenario, the zoo is right next door if that’s your kind of thing!

– No previous experience or diplomas required – You’ll just have to pass an oral test during the interview, a.k.a a conversation.
– Creativity and an extremely open minded. Your ability to think outside the box will be your best ally.
– Available 8 hours a day
– Living in Tunis, preferably close to our Belvedére office (if so, mention this in your application and we’ll fast track you)
– Excellent spoken English – Not just good, gosh darn Amazing 😀
– You are a confident person who believes in their abilities (with some kind of proof obviously, we’re not looking for arrogant people)
– You’re cool, chill and open-minded without too many hang-ups
– You speak and write good French and decent Tunisian Derja
– You do not hate computers

– You know your way around the Adobe creative suite
– You’ve used google drive in the past
– You own a smartphone and a decent laptop
– You have installed at least one 5 Dinar game on a computer in your life
And that’s all Folks!

Comment postuler :
Interested applicants should send an email to
Your Email MUST have: (Missing elements will delay or disqualify your application)
– A CV
– A Photo
– Available times for an interview
– Cover letter with some reason why this job attracted your attention or why you wanna join Home School.

Ville : Tunis
Nom / Entreprise : Home School Inc.
Email :
Adresse : 22 Avenue Des Etats Unis, Tunis