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Technicien de Maintenance PTH-Automatique

• Job title: Maintenance technician PTH-Automatic
• Job Summary:
– programs, checks and validates for production PTH-Automatic machines
– Ensure maintenance, support and technical interventions for PTH-Automatic machines and feeders from component positioning equipment in SMT area
– Ensure the requirements for spare parts to production equipment to which it ensures preventive and corrective maintenance
• Tasks:
– Programs, validates and checks the PTH-Automatic processes
– Ensure maintenance and function in the parameters of the PTH-Automatic machines
– Ensure maintenance and function in the parameters of pre-formed machines
– Ensure maintenance and function in the parameters of the feeders used in all component positioning machines in SMT area
– Management, modification and updating of technical sheets and database for maintenance of equipment in SMT and PTH-Automatic area, to which ensure maintenance
– Ensure the preventive maintenance of equipment according to the plan
– Ensure minimum stock of spare parts for maintenance equipment
– Reduces the time of unplanned production stops by technical intervention
• Job responsibilities:
– Responds to the proper programming of the machines in the area PTH-Automatic
– Has maximum responsibility of the necessary production emergencies
– Informing the hierarchic superiors about the problems that occurred, respecting the escalation plan
– Maintain contact with all suppliers/subcontractors of equipment and services
– Maintain contact with spare parts providers
– Solving in the shortest time the technique of unplanned stops of production equipment and its auxiliary
– Responds to the efficient use of resources and equipment on the PTH-Automatic area
– Each employee must carry out his work in accordance with his training and instruction, as well as with instructions received from the employer, so as not to expose the risk of professional injury to both himself and other employees who may be affected by his/her actions or omissions during the work process
– Inform the hierarchical superior about the actions or situations that can generate an accident at work and to undertake measures for the isolation and removal of serious and imminent danger, according to the instructions received and to announce immediately the incident of work suffered or witnessed.
– Inform the hierarchical superior about the problems that have occurred, in the shortest time.

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