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Youth Networker

Context of role
· This is ideally a stepping-stone development role for people starting their career in our Sector. It is anticipated to be a 2-year contract in this post. We hope on completion of the 2-yearsrole holders will progress onto other roles within the Federation.
· Working with the Regional Team to bring direct involvement of youth and build regional and global platforms for youth activism and youth led accountability.
· Working with other Youth Networkers and the regional youth networks to build a global Youth IPPF community and contribute to wider youth movements.
· Being a champion for Youth centred action within the Secretariat and amplify youth voices in to the work of the Secretariat · Support MAs to develop youth networks in their location of work and foster youth centricity/ youth led programming in their local work in collaboration with Architects of Cooperation.
· Working with and through other members of the Regional team in Membership Support & Development and External Relations from a youth perspective.

Role Deliverables
· Organize youth action to ensure that the region has an IPPF youth network that is inclusive of marginalized groups, working to advance in the goals of the new strategy with MAs. Support Regional Youth Networks where they already exist to set and/or deliver on their plans, support set-up where they do not.
· Advise on how to ensure the direct involvement of youth participation and youth led accountability within the region and the member associations. Oversee and contribute to the Regional Youth Forums and Global Youth Forums.
· Guides and supervises the regional work for the inclusion of a youth perspective that ensures the participation and amplification of youth voices into design, evaluation and implementation of the initiatives organised by the Secretariat, for example advocacy, workshop design, communications etc.
· Recommends on how to create a grow pathway in the Federation, creating momentum and building engagement with regional networks, identifying and promoting younger leaderships and activism, mentoring strategies and growing opportunities.
· Amplifies the voice of youth within the Secretariat and how to create a safe environment that encourages/develops young people, ensures diversity, anti-racism and safeguarding of people and finances.
· Support and enable a safe environment, adhering to the safeguarding reporting and monitoring requirements of this role.

Key Skills/Expertise
· Informed and passionate about the work of IPPF and an advocate for what we stand for.
· Lived experience of a marginalized group an asset.
· Experience working with youth groups and amplifying voices.
· Ability to relate to people from different cultures and backgrounds in a positive and engaging way.
· Good time management, co-ordination and organising skills.
· Inclusive, curious and open to other’si deas as well as coming up with and articulating their own ideas.
· Good analytical and problem-solving skills.
· Competent in Microsoft Office and use of social media.
· Business English Preliminary (written,reading,speaking) with training to develop.
· Demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to safeguarding in a local and international context.
· Demonstrates ability and willingness to work in a diverse, multicultural, multilingual and intergenerational environment that is anti-racist and respectful of others.
· An intersectional (pro) feminist passionate about sexual reproductive health care rights + justice, including safe abortion.
· Supportive of people’s rights regardless of sexuality or gender identity/expression and supportive of worker’s rights and access to health care in sex work.

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