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Web Developer

A Web Developer’s primary responsibilities may include
· Structuring the technical architecture of our websites.
· Ensuring the proper functioning of various website features.
· Implementing and programming web projects through testing.
· Providing technical support.
· Delivering functional and technical documentation for web activity monitoring and issue resolution.
· Enhancing or advancing an existing application as necessary.

Required Skills and Qualifications
To excel as a Web Developer, you should have:
· A strong background in IT and ICT.
· Autonomy, flexibility, rigor, and attention to detail.
· Excellent communication skills and the ability to listen to the needs and expectations of stakeholders.
· Proficiency in programming languages used for web development (Java,PHP, HTML, SQL, etc.).
· Familiarity with mobile-specific requirements (text conciseness, image display, markup languages, etc.), as well as programming languages.
· Knowledge of applicable standards and regulations, especially regarding cybercrime.

Candidate Profile
· At least a BTS in Computer Science or an equivalent degree.
· Additional assets include certifications in IT and ICT.

Skills Developed During the Internship
Upon completing this internship, you will develop valuable skills, including:
· Professional growth through hands-on web development experience.
· Enhanced programming skills and expertise in web development languages.
· Improved communication and collaboration abilities.
· A deeper understanding of how sustainability drives technology decisions.

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