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The purpose of the USAID-funded Jobs, Opportunities & Business Success project (JOBS) is to create jobs in Tunisia on a sustainable basis by
(1) providing targeted assistance to Tunisian businesses, especially SMEs, to expand their sales and/or exports enabling them to expand and hire additional workers;
(2) enhance work force development by reducing the education/training gap between what the university and vocational training systems provide and the actual needs of Tunisian businesses;
(3) promote a more effective business enabling environment by working with the public and private sectors to promote policy and regulatory reforms;
(4) communicate to Tunisians, especially youth, a sense of the importance of market-led economic growth and entrepreneurship, as well as vocational education as an apt career choice. JOBS also aspires to have project stakeholders and Tunisians at large understand and be aware of USAID’s contribution to these objectives through the JOBS project.

2a. Background

A key pillar of the JOBS project and one of its components is outreach and communications. This component entails communicating to stakeholders and the population at large JOBS activities and impact. It also entails delivering a broader message to the Tunisian public, particular youth, concerning the broader economic opportunities, workforce skills advancements, and employment prospects.
To meet the multiple objectives of this component, JOBS will incorporate to its staff specialized experts. These include a Communications Specialist.
Chemonics has partnered with ProInvest, a Tunisian consulting firm specialized in communications and outreach, to lead this component. In the early stage of implementation, it has become clear that effective implementation of this component with its varied technical scope requires a Strategic Communications Specialist with a solid experience in outreach and communications understanding of Tunisia JOBS’ objectives. The individual need not be a communications and outreach specialist to lead this effort.

2b. Responsibilities
– Supervise and assist the setting up of the Project Specific Communications Strategy
– Supervise the implementation of the project’s several webs’ projects including its website.
– Initiate and assist the development of the project’s grant program outreach content and success stories.
– Initiate and assist the development of the project’s outreach concepts.
– Initiate internal communications processes.
– Make sure to collect as much reliable data as possible on our target populations via the Project’s digital channels.
– Ensure compliance with procedures.
– Support on the development; execution of the Communications Strategy for Broader Economic Messaging to the Tunisian Public and Youth:
– Support on the preparation, the execution and then the data analysis of the Youth national Survey.
– Initiate contact with CSOs and active organizations on local and national levels.
– Support on the development of a strategy to change mindsets in Tunisia, especially youth mindsets with a focus on gender equality and social inclusion issues by identifying key insights that provide rigor and structure to communication plans
– Participate in the elaboration and execution of a multichannel and multi-target communication plan, including media and social media coverage, opportunities and guidelines information platform, strategic partnerships, co-branding approaches, events and programs sponsorship, user generated content, testimonials, success stories, etc.
– Support on establishing a monitoring and evaluation dashboard of communication actions and their impact on the communication targets identified in the strategy.

3. Requirements
– Strong interpersonal skills, including ability to work within a team
– Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
– Excellent written and communications skills
– Excellent English, French, and Arabic language skills
– A graduate degree in marketing and communications.

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