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Fédération Internationale pour la Planification Familiale-Région du monde arabe recrute
Sexual and Reproductive Health Lead

With predominant emphasis on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and a focus on the Global Comprehensive Abortion Care Initiative (GCACI), to oversee and participate in programme and management of AWR SRH programs, and regular monitoring and reporting on the performance of the GCACI program in three participating Member Associations (MAs) within overseeing MAs’ SRH contribution to the IPPF Strategic Framework (2016-2022).
1. To assist MAs in ensuring the quality and relevance of developing strategies and approaches and implementing capacity building initiatives on SRH (for example in SRH-safe abortion care service provision, strategies for scaling access to SRH services -safe abortion care services, and effective approaches of Social Behaviour Communication (SBCC) encompassing demand creation).
2. To implement the yearly regional work plan for providing technical assistance on GCACI (in service delivery, capacity building, and demand generation) to three participating MAs, and ensure timely and quality Regional Office and Member Association project reporting on a quarterly and half-yearly basis to IPPF Central Office.
3. To monitor the implementation of the GCACI work plan under the GCACI project for three participating MAs.
4. To ensure the provision of quality technical information on SRH with a focus on comprehensive abortion care and contraceptive services to RO colleagues (including communications team on SRH/abortion-related messaging), and Member Associations.
5. To support Member Associations in the implementation and development of the provision of quality comprehensive abortion and abortion-related care.
6. To provide technical assistance to Member Associations as required in areas such as production / identification of training tools and materials, service delivery guidelines and protocols, and communication materials.
7. To support the development and updating of a medical abortion database in collaboration with the GCACI team and consultants.
8. To monitor and verify the ongoing reporting by Member Associations on different SRH projects, maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of the projects through reading reports, visits, regular communication and the use of knowledge management systems.
9. To conduct occasional training sessions / give presentations as required.
10. Support Member Associations on the possible revisions of the SRH and GCACI programmes or proposals in conjunction with other team members.
11. To draft, review and edit a range of documents including different types of work plans, reports on activities, and reports for the donor.
12. To conduct technical assistance visits to assess the progress on the implementation of programs, conduct quality of care assessment of clinics that provide wide range of SRH services including surgical (MVA) treatment of incomplete abortion.
13. To undertake any other reasonable duties as may be requested from time to time.
a) Staff responsibilities carried out by the job holder
b) Financial responsibilities carried by the job holder
c) Advisory responsibilities carried out by the job holder
Advise the AWRO leadership team on strategic and technical issues relating to SRH.
• Communication
Communicates effectively and clearly both verbally and in writing. Can communicate complex messages such that they are well understood and understands the need to adapt communication methods to the audience. Effectively plans communication in order to influence and/or achieve goals and ideas.
• Team working
Able to work independently and be self-motivated in defining goals and objectives, while also working collaboratively in a team across offices, teams, disciplines and cultures. Promotes teamwork and collaboration, actively steps in to help others.
• Develops self and others
Pursues opportunities to learn new skills. Is actively involved in helping MA and AWRO staff plan ways in which they can develop. Understands different learning styles and a variety of approaches to build skills, knowledge and capability.
• Gender/cultural awareness
Has a rights-based and gender perspective coupled with awareness of and sensitivity to the multi-cultural environment in which IPPF operates. Understands the nature of national, ethnic and cultural differences – is sensitive to cultural cues and is able to adapt quickly in novel situations.
Medical doctor or degree in the medical/health field, or equivalent standard of education.
Experience in medical / technical programme management on sexual and reproductive health in developing country programmes.
• Excellent English/French writing skills with experience in writing/preparing reports.
• Excellent interpersonal skills. Ability to persuade and influence others.
• Excellent verbal communication skills – the ability to present, train and coach staff from time to time.
• Excellent written communication skills.
• Good project management skills.
• Competent at developing and implementing a range of tools.
• Good time management and organisational skills to meet tight deadlines.
• Ability to work independently and as a team member.
• Good Information Technology skills – to include database and Internet.
• Fluent Arabic, English and French and Arabic.
• Strong organisational and time management skills
• Willingness to travel internationally – maximum of 20 days a year (likely less)
• Awareness of and sensitivity to the multi-cultural and diverse environment in which IPPF operates
• Supportive of a woman’s right to choose and have access to safe abortion services
• Commitment to put equality, diversity and inclusion into practice
• Understanding of and a commitment to safeguarding including child protection, in a local and international context

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Interested qualified candidates should send a cover letter and updated CV to › . The deadline for applications is 30th September 2020. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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