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Bostani Chocolate Belgium is looking for

Quality and Hygiene Assistant

1 to 2 years of experience as a Hygiene and Quality Control Officer
Minimum experience in quality certification
Fluent in English and French
Available immediately
Ensure the establishment and follow up of a cleaning and disinfection plan
Coordinate hygiene staff activities (dispatching, division of tasks, etc.)
Daily monitoring and control of staff hygiene
Daily monitoring of the hygienic condition of the plant (premises, outdoor space…)
Product Management (Cleaning and Disinfection) ==> Dilution + Distribution + Inventory management
Management of PPE (Personal protective equipment: gloves, work clothes, etc.): Distribution + Stock status
Cross contamination control: Identification + zoning + organization + ….)
Waste management: sorting, disposal, identification….
Control of foreign bodies, like glass + brittle materials + wood + metal + plastic …
Pest Management: bait status, identification, quarterly report collection, trend analysis, etc.
Awareness actions on good hygiene practices + Integration of new recruits….
Follow-up of product non-conformities: corrective and preventive actions
File quality checks: Collection + Archiving + Compliance checks.
Capture Lab Test Results and Control Plan Application
Report the collected data to the team

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